An Original Lifestyle Series

SEAFOOD SAFARI is an original series about coastal communities in the United States. It highlights the commercial fisherman that supply all the different types of seafood, the local chefs, their suppliers, and tells the story of how everything comes together to create the fabulous dinners the general public gets to enjoy.  Each season will highlight an area of coastline and feature 12 different chefs and their restaurants, as well as give an in depth look at how the ingredients are sourced. All of the recipes will be available online to try yourself.

Filming and editing has begun for season one, the "Hamptons Edition",  commercial fisherman from Hampton Bays to Montauk Point on Long Island in New York are providing glimpses into how they catch and process the fresh seafood found at the local restaurants and the chefs of those 12 restaurants are giving a glimpse into some of their favorite recipes, as well as the sourcing of the fresh ingredients needed. 

A new sizzle will be completed shortly and posted on our YouTube channel Seafood Safari and the pilot episode for season one is scheduled to be completed early next year (2015). Check back for updates.